Trans Epidermal Delivery


Fractional laser and RF treatments are known to yield highly effective results for a variety of indications. Trans Epidermal delivery means combining these with the application of specially designed pharmaceutical ingredients takes treatment one step further, both maintaining and significantly augmenting results.

How are RadioFrequency and laser scar removal treatments improved by this additional technology?

The impact module uses RadioFrequencies technology to deliver active ingredients beyond the epidermal-dermal junction. With Impact, topical compounds reach deeper into the skin and are better absorbed by damaged tissue, leading to maximally effective skin repair and aesthetic enhancement. This technology is a crucial part of Alma’s laser scar removal treatment. Whether Acne scars post-trauma or surgical scars, results are visible and long-lasting.
This technology can be used in junction with our CODE FACTOR, MESO SKIN+   Skin perfection device, and IMPULS  multi-laser platform. The idea is gentle perforation of the Epidermis by the laser or radiofrequency applicators and then using the Impact module to actively insert the pharmaceutical ingredients deeper into the dermis.

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