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Deep penetration

painless and non-invasive

The hollow microchip penetrates corneum, combined with Electroporation technology to lead the nutrients into the mesoderm layer, improving about 84% of the absorption rate compared with traditional technology.
The skin channel closed automatically within 20 minutes, painless, non-invasive, no downtime.

Meso SKIN+

Meso SKIN+

Hair growth/ Solid hair follicles/ Raised hair

The 1st professional instrument of scalp care in the world, the patented microchip could ensure the Microchip transdermal and electroporation technologies work on the scalp together, matching different nutrients to achieve the effects of Hair growth / Solid hair follicles /Raised hair, etc

  • Electroporation      0-5

  • Order Of Contact    1-5

  • Quantity Of Produced Liquid   1-5

  • Frequency    1-5Hz

  • Preset Parameter     Yes

  • Micro-Needle      25

  • Micro-Needle Height   0.5mm

  • Micro-Needle Diameter   0.1mm

  • Micro-Channels Of Produced Fluid    5

  • Micro-Channel Diameter    0.05mm

  • Contact Area Of Microchip   13mm×18mm

  • Microchip Size             8.2mm×8.2mm

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