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IMPULS  is a powerful and versatile treatment solution for a wide range of aesthetic needs. Treating over 10 dermatological indications, this multi-application platform offers a full spectrum of technology, applicators, tips, and treatment methods that achieve outstanding results. Providing the added benefit of synergetic combined treatments, IMPULS is in tune with today’s holistic and personalized approach, enabling intelligent and patient-centric treatments that lead to enhanced results.

  • Multi-Application Platform

  • Extendible and upgradeable

  • Over 10 Dermatological indications

  • Combined technologies for better clinical results



Holistic and personal means better results
Laser Doc's IMPULS features an array of advanced applications that allow you to provide highly effective, reliable, and safe treatments for a variety of challenging skin concerns.



IMPULS is the advanced version of the all-inclusive IPL treatment platform. Featuring new technologies, handpieces, and treatment innovations, IMPULS  allows you to treat the widest variety of indications, addressing the aesthetic concerns of patients of nearly all ages and populations.


IMPULS offers nearly full light spectrum, light, and Radio Frequency technologies treating over 10 Dermalogical/medical/aesthetic indications. New innovations include depth control capabilities allowing practitioners to control the precise depth of treatment depending on the area being treated, skin type or indication, a first-of-its-kind Multi-pulsed technology for high-speed skin remodeling and Hair Removal, a specialized tip maximizing treatment safety for darker-skinned patients, and a powerful new acne treatment combining with AF technology.

Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT)

AFT is the next generation of intense pulsed light. It takes formerly unused short-wavelength light and converts it into part of the usable spectrum through a special filtering system. It increases emission and penetration, for safer and more effective treatments. AFT also delivers Equally Distributed Fluence, which means that every pulse has uniform energy density across the entire output face. This fluence ensures repeatable results and remarkable safety. AFT yields a more efficient system for ideal clinical improvements, less discomfort, and minimal skin damage.


IMPULS Super Hair Removal (SHR) method works by gradually heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicles and prevents re-growth while avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue. The sweeping In-Motion technique used with SHR involves moving the applicator repeatedly over the treatment area, applying energy over a large grid. This ensures a homogeneous coverage during the treatment which significantly improves results.

IMPULS filters are the key optical element for the IMPULS multi-functional Platform due to which Dermatologist/Aesthetician, able to achieve optimum results. The filter blocks the UV wave and transmits the useful wave from 400nm to 950nm for laser equipment, such as photo rejuvenation hair removal, vascular and acne treatment, skin rejuvenation etc.